Haiduk to Release New Album in 2021

“Blackened Death Metal force majeure Haiduk, the solo project of Luka Milojica, will release its fourth full-length album in the summer/fall of 2021! The new album will feature 11 new songs, tying together the dark lore of the previous albums and feature new maps, stories, illustrations, and a timeline. New information, artwork, tracklisting, and music will follow in the coming months.

Luka Milojica describes the music on the new album as: ‘Pure evil, speed and darkness.’ “

 – Ghost Cult Magazine (link)





"Chanting words of astral terror, Haiduk became the 'Exomancer' -summoner of cosmic darkness."













CD Order





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1. Death Portent  2. Unsummon  3. Evil Art  4. Subverse  5. Icevoid Nemesis 

     6. Doom Seer  7. Pulsar  8. Blood Ripple  9. Once Flesh 10. Crypternity      



1. Syth

2. Nazon

3. Deamris

4. Azyr

5. Sarxas

6. Corloch

7. Nergion

8. Vordus

9. Xhadex




"Invoking spells of demonic strength, Haiduk raised forces from the infernal depths, sealing arcane powers into the  'Demonicon' (2015); a blackened tome of blasting distortion."





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1. Lich

2. Stormcall

3. Black Wind

4. Maelstrom

5. Forcefield

6. Hex

7. Tremor

8. Fire Wield

9. Lightning

10. Vortex





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"Working in solitude, Haiduk unveiled the full-length debut 'Spellbook'  (2012); a black magic conjuring of fast guitars and powerful riff attacks."






"Haiduk is the death metal solo project by guitarist Luka Milojica."

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