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sample tracks from demonicon

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D e m o n i c o N

full-length album – CD available now!

(digital version: itunes, amazon)



“haidukreleases new album” - metalundergound.com


demonicon reviews:


metal crypt         [4/5]

metal-rules         [4/5]

brutalism            [5/5]

canadianbeats     [5/5]

bravewords         [8/10]

blackened death  [8/10]

metal trenches    [9/10]

metalbite           [9.5/10]

pest webzine      [8.5/10]



Official Haiduk Merch:

“Demonicon” t-shirt


demonicon track listing:

1. Syth             3:31 (youtube)

2. Nazon          2:45 (bandcamp)

3. Deamris        4:04

4. Azyr             2:43(youtube)

5. Sarxas          3:30 (youtube)

6. Corloch         4:13 (youtube)

7. Nergion        3:33 (bandcamp)

8. Vordus         3:20

9. Xhadex         4:33 (youtube)




haiduk interviews:

legion of tchort,  behind the veil,  metal recusants,  thepainfucktory,  pest webzine, battlehelm, bringer of death,  the grim tower, metal crypt, heavy metal haven, brave words



facebook / youtube  / bigcartel / bandcamp

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